About The Host

5982_542452392463011_321455441_n Hey guys! My name is Eli Hershkovich, and I am the host of The Lineup. I’m a junior at DePaul University and majoring in Journalism. I have been hosting a sports talk show since my freshman year of high school. It has been a terrific experience to do a radio show for so long, and I’ve learned a lot along the way; as a sophomore last year, The Lineup won the award for the best sports talk show on Radio DePaul. I also won the awards for best play-by-play and most interactive host. However, one of the reasons the show became a success was because of my co-host Tom Bostwick. He’s a great partner to have on the show and makes it that much more fun for the listeners. As well as hosting this show, I do play-by-play for DePaul Men’s Basketball. Hopefully, the program is about to turn around! Finally, I’ve written all of the blogs for this site. I now write for GrandstandU.com and thesportsbank.net. Check out my stories there!


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