The Lineup is back on this Saturday! Six things to listen/watch for

If you’ve been keeping track, The Lineup has been off of the air for about a month now. What have I been up to during that time? To quote the great Edwin Starr, “absolutely nothing”. But come this Saturday, the show is back on the air from 12-3 at and the iHeartRadio App! You can listen/watch the show for its entirety on that site. Also, you can call/text with your thoughts to (773)-325-7341. If you really feel like it, tweet me a question/comment, too. I know you’re wondering what to look forward to on the show, so here’s six things to listen/watch for come Saturday:


Paul M. Banks: Banks is the owner of, which has just partnered up with Yahoo! and Fox Sports.

Adam Ottenheimer: Ottenheimer attends Indiana University and is known for his Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson impersonations. Although I don’t usually admit it, he might be better at it than me.


Matt Eurich: Eurich is a Bears writer for Bleacher Report, as well as covering the Bears for the Bears Huddle blog on Chicago Now. We’ll talk Ditka, sausages, and maybe a little bit of who the Bears will keep/cut post-training camp.

Dan Favale: Favale is an NBA columnist for Bleacher Report. We’ll discuss with him who the Bulls will be able to sign in the near future, as well as the rest of the teams in the NBA.

Steve Newhouse: Newhouse is the owner of We’ll talk about your new favorite player, Dougie McBuckets, and even some DePaul hoops.

Fred Huebner: Huebner is a host/anchor at ESPN 1000. We’ll talk with him about the Cubs/White Sox chances to contend… yeah, I’m kidding. We will get into who they will sell at the deadline, as well as some of each team’s best players in the minors.

Is that not enough for you? If it is, check out the show this Saturday! 


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