Something to Prove

It’s time for Philip Rivers to prove himself as an elite QB in these playoffs.

The Chargers beat the Bengals by 17 points yesterday to open up Sunday’s duo of games. Rivers and company will now face off against Peyton Manning and the Broncos next Sunday.

The last time the Chargers were in the playoffs, they lost in the 2007 AFC Championship to Brady and the Patriots. To get there, they beat the Titans in the first round and Manning’s Colts the week after.

Rivers showed a lot of guts in the ’07 playoffs; Many people thought he should have sat out vs. the Patriots because of the knee injury he suffered the week before vs. the Colts. Yet, Rivers played through it.

If the fired up quarterback wants to gain some respect, it’s time for him to win some more games the rest of the way.

Haters have continued to thrash Rivers for not succeeding with a talented group around him, mainly because it has been six years since the Chargers last made the playoffs. This year, he can change the opinions.

Winning in Denver is without a doubt a tough task. However, this offense now can do something for the first time since Ladainian Tomlinson manned the backfield: run the football.

With Ryan Mathews playing very well, Rivers now has more time to make plays in the pocket. The tailback’s status is up in the air for next weekend, but it appears Mathews will be ready for the big matchup. If not, Rivers might throw a temper tantrum before the game even begins.

The offense played so well a month ago in Denver, keeping the ball away from Denver’s elite group of playmakers. It’s time for Rivers to show this magic again, especially with having such a talented rookie at wide receiver in Keenan Allen.

Allen ranked 22nd in receiving yards this season but first amongst rookies at this position. He didn’t have a big game against the Bengals, yet he did not have to. Next Sunday will be his moment to show how great he is.

If San Diego beats Denver, they would then face off against Andrew Luck or Tom Brady in the AFC Championship. Let’s just say neither of those matchups would be a favorable task for the Chargers, and I haven’t even touched on potential NFC opponents. Nonetheless, if Rivers wants his name to be mentioned with the big ones, he must play his part in helping the Chargers win the Super Bowl.

We’ve seen teams sneak into the playoffs before and go on a run to win it all, such as the 2008 New York Giants and 2010 Green Bay Packers. The Chargers have just as much talent as both of those teams, especially when their signal caller plays elite football.


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